The Donation Page

I just read through the comments and was many times moved to tears. Its a very humbling experience to receive money from your friends family and strangers in a time of need.

My amazingly wonderful friend from home (Oneida, NY) started the donation page. Oddly enough Kathryn was the first person I saw immediately after I received the news that my father died almost a year ago today, so she gave me that very important first hug.  Strangely enough I happened to be g-chatting her while my doctors gave me my Leukemia diagnosis, so she was again the first to know. Some might see this as bad luck, I see it as my guardian angel friend being very good at her job. The hug she gave me after this tragedy, however, came with a whole lot of force behind it from the donation page.

I would like to share some mixed feelings I had when discussing whether or not to make a donation page. I am more aware than anybody that I am better positioned than most to deal with cancer right now. I’m young, I don’t have any family to support, I have a better than average job, I have good insurance, I’m healthy, I have an intimidatingly large network of support….

I’m currently living in a fucking private room where I get call-in room service whenever I want and basically have brilliant, talented and attractive servants to take care of my every beck and call. I get all the drugs i can ask for, I have a very comfortable ride through all of this…

Yet 99% of the rest of the population…if they got cancer they would be way worse of, and i know it.

Is it weird to feel guilty about this? What the fuck. I mean yes I am going to be completely financially ruined after this…like, RUINED. but still, I’m way better off than most when it comes to this whole cancer shit. If anybody was built to handle getting cancer, it’s me right now at this very moment in my life.

But looking past the discomfort I feel in soliciting charity for myself, I realize that many of you just want to help and this is the only way you can actually help me in a practical way.  I’m so thankful for that, and for you and for everything. It also must mean that I have done something to warrant a return of favor. I never intended to get anything back, but if this is how the universe works then I’m all for it! Trust me, I know how lucky i am… or should i say LEUKEY??? Thank you all so much, I appreciate EVERYTHING.

I had a sonogram on my heart yesterday. The tech was raving about how crystal clear and good looking it was. that is a direct result of the love that you have all given to me. I’m in humble awe of your generosity…. and mostly by the fact that so many people actually like me! weird.

Here’s the donation page. The comments choke me up in a big way:

Thank you Kathryn. You are literally my angel and I’m the #Leuckiest guy alive.


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